Qualifications, Competencies, and Strengths:
The Head Administrator position offers an exceptional opportunity to lead and build a unique K-8 educational organization in Shiprock, NM. The Head Administrator will have an educational philosophy that aligns with the school vision and mission with a deep understanding of the Navajo language and culture as well as the knowledge and skills required to develop a high academic performing charter school.

New Mexico Administrative License (3B)
Administrative experience in an educational setting with demonstrated leadership qualities
Ability to facilitate positive and productive collaborations and to manage a high performing team
Highly organized, effective communicator, strong interpersonal skills
Ability to multitask and complete multiple projects simultaneously
Takes responsibility for the academic success of all school program
Ensures that the school is in compliance with all applicable governmental laws and regulations and adheres to board adopted policies
Willingness and ability to foster and develop formal and informal partnerships with a wide range of groups and organizations including staff, parents/families, community leaders, community-based/grassroots organizations
Understanding of the distinction of roles and responsibilities of governance vs management in a charter school setting

Duties and Responsibilities:
Interacts effectively with students, staff, parents, and the overall school community
Provides a safe and effective learning environment for students, staff, and the overall school community
Provides instructional leadership among teachers and other staff to address curriculum development and instruction in the classroom and other learning environments
Ability to conduct objective classroom observations and provide actionable feedback to teachers
Hires, evaluates, and terminates charter school staff members as appropriate
Contributes to the creation of the school budget and ensures the charter school follows all fiscal policies and procedures
Plans and implements school-wide Educational Plan for Student Success aligned with overall school goals, mission, and vision including specific assessment and evaluation components
Creating a culture of learning that promotes bilingual education using school curriculum

1. Responsibilities to the Governing Board:
Knowledge of Dine language, culture, and history preferred
CPR/First Aid certification within the first 3 months of employment
CPI Training certification within the first 6 months of hire preferred
Ability to work well with children, parents, and administrators
Ability to remain calm and be professional at all times
Ability to work well under pressure
Ability to multitask
2. Personnel Responsibilities

Hires his or her staff with feedback from a committee formed by the governing council, parents, and already hired
Evaluates the performance of all staff, ensures observation and evaluation of teaching staff is objective and by state requirements
Where necessary, counsels and advises school employees
Reviews and updates job descriptions, oversees and coordinates continuing professional growth of staff
Terminates staff when appropriate ensuring proper protocol and documentation
3. Instructional Leadership Responsibilities

Provide leadership in the ongoing development, improvement, and evaluation of curriculum, instruction, and student performance data
Responsible for coaching teachers on instructional delivery methods
Develops staff development programming
Schedules and administers all student assessments
Tracks and communicates student academic performance to the governing council, authorizer, and the New Mexico Public Education Department, developing reports as required (e.g., Reads to Lead, bilingual/multicultural program, charter school performance framework, etc.)
Supports the overall school improvement process including teacher observation, modeling best practices, and analyzing student data to the governing council and authorizer.
Support the implementation of Response to Intervention and monitors its continued implementation
Create a safe, positive, achievement-oriented, and structured learning environment
Set and reinforce clear expectations and routines that are aligned with the school’s overall vision
Administers policies dealing with discipline, conduct, and attendance
4. Public Relations Responsibilities

Serves as the public spokesperson for the school
Maintains constructive liaisons with other educational institutions and associations
Facilitates communication among all of the school’s constituents and encourages their participation in school activities and events
Represents Dream Dine’ in the community at large
Facilitation of staff and community meetings that guide the educational community while allowing for community input and consultation
The director of operations, co-administers staff communication for new information and upcoming events and weekly communications to families, translating (if bilingual) when possible
5. Professional Development /Personal Growth Expectations

Keeps current with educational literature, ideas, and practices as well as charter school management practices
Cooperates with the governing council to undergo a performance evaluation, develop and meet the goals of an individualized professional development plan
Attends professional development activities designed to enhance and/or strengthen knowledge and skills that promote student learning and the operation of a charter school

Physical/Job Requirements:
Standing, sitting, walking, lifting, carrying up to 50 pounds, climbing, bending, reaching, kneeling, driving a vehicle, traveling long distances, writing, typing, word processing, reading, researching information, and effective communication skills.

Interested Applicants need to provide the following: 

Completed job application Job Application – Dream Diné Charter School (dreamdine.org)
Current resume
A minimum of 3 Professional letters of recommendation
Submit all documents to jobs@dreamdine.org or call 505-368-2500.

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