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Bismarck Public Schools

By July 29, 2022

Bismarck Public Schools is a district with K-12 students. More information found at our website:   Our Mission: “Empower every learner to thrive.” Our Vision: “Together, our strong relationships build inclusive, collaborative, and innovative environments that create agency and inspire a passion for learning, excellence, and discovery.” Our Values: Excellence, Innovation, Inclusion and Leadership.

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Bismarck Public Schools

By February 2, 2021

Bismarck is the capital city of North Dakota. It’s centrally located in the state and in North America and is bordered on the west by the scenic Missouri River. Bismarck is an economically diverse, fast growing and dynamic community with a population in 2019 of 73,529 people. We are the largest school district in the […]

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Baboquivari Unified School District #40

By April 24, 2020

The Baboquivari Unified School District #40, located approximately 60 miles southwest of Tucson, Arizona, currently serves 1,000 plus students and is a dynamic place to live, learn, and work. The Baboquivari Unified School District Governing Board believes in a high-quality education for all the students in our district. The board works each day to ensure that we […]

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