General Statement or Responsibilities: Provide home living support to students residing in the dormitory that include awakening students for school and readiness for bed, instructing students on desirable health habits and personal cleanliness. Providing advertisement and instruction on personal character development, control, and discipline student behavior, assign students to housekeeping duties, assist students washing and mending of clothing, supervise students in the dormitory and on scheduled dormitory activities and trips.

Qualifications: Education, Training, and Experience.

1.       High School Diploma or G.E.D. and 32 hours of college courses.

2.       One year experience in residential setting: Fingerprint/Criminal background clearance.

3.       Good verbal and written communication skills.

4.       First Aid and CPR certification.

5.       Valid Arizona Driver’s License.

Willingness to be an integral member of a successful team; dedication to providing the highest level of service of Theodore Roosevelt School.

Reports To: Dormitory Supervisor.

Working Hours: Work day evening, graveyard shift as scheduled.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

1.       Provide Home Living services to dormitory residential students.

2.       Ensure student readiness for bed and awaken students in the morning for school, conduct bed checks.

3.       Supervise residential hall students in and on the dormitory premises; supervise students on dormitory sponsored activities and trips; escort students to the and from the kitchen and school.

4.       Provide instructions to students on desirable health and personal hygiene habits.

5.       Initiate measures of control of student behavior and discipline.

6.       Provide assistance to students in washing and ironing clothes; mending of clothes.

7.       Instruct students on manners, characters, behavior, citizenship and following rules.

8.       Provide advisement to students on resolving personal problems, counsel on making decision making.

9.       Provide safe environment and family style atmosphere in the dormitory.

10.   Ensure safety and security in the dormitory; conduct check for contraband.

11.   Assist in planning recreational activities and supervise students on dormitory sponsored activities.

12.   Supervise students on housekeeping chores and keeping cleanliness of student quarters.

13.   Cook for student on the weekends or at other times when the cafeteria staff is unavailable.

14.   Perform housekeeping duties in the dormitory for cleanliness and healthy living requirements.

15.   Ensure the dormitory meets regulatory requirement for sidential livening quarters and school policies.

16.   Consist in the conduct of fire drills and the evacuation of students from the dormitory.

17.   Participate in scheduled professional development, trainings, in-service or self-selected training.

18.   Collaborate with colleagues and administration in achieving school goals.

19.   Perform other duties as assigned by supervisor as C.S.

Performance Expectations:

Time Management: Must reduce to writing plans one week to one year in advance.

Public Contact: Primary contact with students, parents, and school employees.

Responsibility: Perform duties and responsibilities as outlines in the job description for Home Living Specialist. Maintain the highest standards or professional conduct, personal character, ethics and report promptly for duty. Be self-motivated, use own initiative and judgment in performing job responsibilities. Uphold and adhere to school policies and procedures; access student records and keeping confidentiality of student identifying records and information.

Physical Requirements: General sitting, standing, walking and fitness for climbing stairs; light lifting of supplies, materials, cleaning items, equipment and furniture.

Supervision Received: Supervised by Dormitory Supervisor.

Supervision Given: Assigned staff/volunteers and dormitory students.

Performance Evaluation Procedure: Performance of this position will be evaluated twice a year in accordance with provisions of the Boards’ policy on Employee Performance Evaluation.

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